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Keeping Your Family Safe: Garage Door Safety Inspection Tips

Here at Integrity Garage Door Repair Hampton Roads, the safety of homeowners is our top priority. One of the best ways to prevent accidents is by routinely inspecting your garage door and catching any worn or damaged parts before they cause issues. A thorough visual check a few times a year only takes a few minutes but offers big peace of mind. Let’s look at some key areas to examine.

Garage Door Safety Inspection Tips

Check Cables and Springs

Cables and springs are under significant tension to lift your heavy garage door. Over time, they can become weak and even snap – posing a dangerous falling door hazard. Look for signs of rust, twisting or breaks in the steel cables. Springs should not be bent, laying on the floor or mounted insecurely. Cables or springs that show wear should be immediately replaced.

Inspect Mounting Hardware

All the metal brackets, pulleys, and other connecting hardware that transfers force from the opener to the door need to be firmly in place without cracks. Check that mounting bolts and screws are tight. Loose hardware can lead to poor door tracking and putting added strain on other parts. Tighten as needed with the appropriate socket or wrench.

Examine Panels, Rollers and Track

Feel along panel surfaces for signs of warping, rot or deep denting. Panels compromised this way pose a higher injury risk. Check rollers too for flat spots, rust or cracked wheels. The track should also be securely fastened without gaps or dents where rollers travel. Rollers or tracks that cause the door to stick need prompt repair or replacement.

Test the Auto-Reverse System

An important safety feature on electric garage door openers is the auto-reverse sensor that causes the door to instantly reverse direction if an obstruction is detected. Test this function by placing something at floor level halfway under a closing door. It should immediately stop and start to retract up – if not, sensors may need cleaning or adjusting, or a new sensor set could be required.

Reinforce the Garage Door

Reinforce your door with planks of wood or metal brackets if sections are bowed in or dented. Use lag screws and drill pilot holes to reinforce without compromising the door’s construction material. This extra reinforcement helps prevent injuries from sections failing during operation. Consider complete door replacement for seriously compromised panels.

Inspect Accessories Carefully

Routinely examine any installed third-party accessories like pet doors or vents for loose fixtures or broken components. These can compromise the door integrity if not properly installed and maintained. Address problems promptly and only add-ons from trusted brands. Also check wall-mounted door openers and handles for stability and function.

Stay Garage Door Safety Aware

A quick monthly visual check allows you to spot wear and catch issues early. Educate family on safety risks like reaching under a closing door. Install additional sensing safeguards if small children frequent the garage. Following these inspection tips helps give you peace of mind by catching potential hazards before they cause an accident at Integrity Garage Door Repair. Call or stop by our shop if safety concerns arise.


Most garage door manufacturers recommend replacement between 15-20 years of use or sooner if damaged parts are detected. Wood doors especially can degrade faster due to moisture exposure. An older door may be more prone to unexpected failures.

Automatic openers add an extra safety feature with built-in reverse sensors and pinch force protection. However, they still rely on proper maintenance and calibration to reduce entanglement risks. Annual inspection and tune-ups of openers are vital to safe operation.

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