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Staying Warm this Winter: Garage Door Maintenance Tips from Integrity Garage Door Repair

With winter weather on the way for Hampton Roads residents, now is the perfect time to do some garage door maintenance to make sure your home stays toasty. As your local garage door experts in Hampton Roads, we at Integrity Garage Door Repair want to share some tips to seal out drafts so you don’t end up with cold air seeping inside. Follow these do-it-yourself tasks or call us for a garage door tune-up.

Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Inspect Weatherstripping

One of the biggest culprits for drafts is worn out weatherstripping around the perimeter of your garage door. Take a look at the rubber or vinyl seal around the sides and top and make sure it is in good condition without any splits or cracks. Replace weatherstripping if needed to help block cold air from sneaking in. Make sure it compresses firmly when the door is closed.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Another key to maintaining a well-sealed garage door is keeping all the moving parts lubricated so they operate smoothly. Lubricate the tracks, rollers, hinges, and cables with a grease-based lubricant. This helps prevent squeaking and freezing during cold weather. Avoid oil-based lubricants that can attract dirt.

Check the Seal on the Bottom

The seal across the bottom of your garage door is also crucial for keeping drafts out. Bend down and take a look – it should compress firmly when the door is closed without any noticeable gaps. Vacuum or sweep away any dirt or debris beforehand. Replace the bottom seal if it is cracked, peeling or does not create a tight barrier.

Inspect Garage Door Opener

Don’t forget about your garage door opener! In winter, it faces cold temperatures and snow or ice build up like the door itself. Wipe away any accumulation on the motor body, gears and door arm to avoid potential issues. Also lubricate moving parts as needed. Test that the opener works properly and the auto-reverse sensor operates without trouble.

Insulate the Garage Interior

If garage space is used regularly during cold months, take steps to insulate the interior as well. Add insulation to exterior garage walls if possible. Otherwise, consider installing insulated garage door panels from a company like Integrity. These sandwich a thick insulating foam core between strong panels to help block out drafts.

Check and Adjust Springs

On older garage doors that use extension springs located above the door, check that springs have not stretched or loosened over time. This can cause the door to not operate or seal properly. Laid or broken springs are a safety hazard as well. Have springs professionally adjusted or replaced as needed by a trained technician.

Prepare Your Garage Door for Winter Weather

As snow and ice arrive, take steps to prevent build up on the tracks, rollers, hinges and door surface itself. Apply garage door weather sealant along tracks and edges to repel moisture. Peel off clumps of snow with an ice scraper or tool as they accumulate. Invest in a garage heater or consider installing a thermal break on single-panel garage doors prone to icing issues.

Winterize Your Garage Door System Today

No one wants cold drafts sneaking into their home this winter! Follow these seven maintenance tips from Integrity Garage Door Repair to seal out the elements. Call us at 555-123-4567 if you need help with inspection, repairs or installations. Keeping your garage door performing at its best is key to staying cozy all season long.


We recommend doing a full inspection of your garage door and opener at least twice a year – at the beginning of fall and again in early winter. This allows you to address any issues before extreme weather hits. Monthly quick checks also help catch small problems before they worsen.

Some tell-tale signs are dents, tears or rust on panels, warped wood panels, cracked or peeling paint, broken springs/cables, difficulty operating or noise/vibration concerns. Older doors may also not seal as well for energy efficiency. It’s best to replace a garage door more than 15-20 years old for safety and performance reasons.

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